Management of the farm

Our typical red/brown Limousine cows
Our colorful meadows
Our sheep

Domaine de Royere has a herd of red/brown Limousine cows. During March till the end of the year the cows graze on thirty hectares of meadowland. During the winter they are kept in a spacious stable and give birth to several calves each year.

The cows provide meat for our own consumption, as well as for sale in our shop and outside.In addition to the cows we also have a flock of Suffold blackheaded sheep that graze in the orchard.

We aim to be as selfsufficient as possible, producing our own hay, straw, barley, beet, corn and animal feed. For fruit and vegetables we rely on the orchard and the fruit- and vegetable garden. We strive to do this in an ecologically sound manner without the use of artificial fertilisers or pesticides.

The orchard

The orchard has 50 old apple-, pear-, plum-, and cherry varieties, alongside some quince, mulberry, and medlars. These trees will bloom and carry fruit at different times of the year, so all guests will be able to sample our delights. Those interested can assist in harvesting the fruit.

The fruitgarden

Like the vegetable garden, the fruit garden is encircled by hawthorn and blackthorn bushes that will grow over the years into a dense hedge. In addition to looking pretty, the hedge also protects the garden from the chicken and the cattle. We have planted black and red currant, red and white gooseberries, blue and white grapevines, raspberries, rose-hip, blackberries and an occasional elder-berry.

The vegetable garden

The produce from the vegetable garden is intended for our own consumtion. At present we have planted three kinds of potatoes, as well as tomatoes, lettuce, pumpkins, beans, courgettes, leeks, onions and beetroot. We are continually expanding our selection. All our fresh produce is for sale in our shop.