Royères and surrounding area

A view at our lovely fields
One of the many lakes nearby
Beautiful castles along the "Route Richard Coeur de Lion"

Historically Royeres was spread out over several thousand hectares of land and the village played an important role for the surrounding area. The settlement itself now consists of an abbey (presently the country house), the vicarage/ the village hall (our house) and a post office in one of our future cottages. Two of our holiday cottages (gîtes) which make up the oldest part of our farm, date back to the late mediaeval era (around 1700).

Through the process of repeated inheritance and sale over the years the historical area of Royeres became fragmented.

Our Domaine with more than 40 hectares of pasture and woodland has developed itself into a farm with extended holiday opportunities.

Royeres is beautifully situated in the countryside. It is wonderfully peaceful without being remote.

Surrounding area

Royeres lies in the region of Limousin, somewhat south of the city of Limoges, which is famous for its porcelain. Limoges is also well known amongst farmers and aficionados for its typical red/brown Limousine cows. Although only fifteen kilometers from the Dordogne, the climate in the region is less dry, creating a rich green landscape of gently rolling hills. This provides the perfect home for many wild animals such as (red) deer, badgers and wild boars.

The scenery is varied: woody with panoramic views, delightful country trails, many lakes (suitable for swimming), historic castles, chapels and small scale farming, alternated with meadows in which you can find the red/brown cows.

Activities on the farm

Our farm offers ample opportunities for guest to participate the French rural life. Those interested can help with caring for the animals, making the hay, chopping wood, gardening, bringing in the harvest from the orchard.

Activities in the area

The many lakes in the area, some supervised, are ideal for swimming and canoeing. Walkers and riders can enjoy the many (foot)paths and horse tracks along meadows and woods, both on the property and beyond. Also for cyclists there are many routes present. There is an active cultural life in the region, offering medieval markets, flea markets, musical evenings and annual feasts. For those who love castles, we can especially recommend following the ‘Route de Lion Coeur’, a line of fortified towns which transports you back into history.