Small scale farm campsite


Behind our farm, in the new orchard, there are 6 spacious pitches, some of which have electricity. Campfires can be lit in designated places. The orchard is one and a half hectares in sizes and was planted in the spring of 2003 with a wide variety of vintage fruit trees. Within the orchard you will also find our fruit- and vegetable garden. Fresh organic produce is for sale in our shop, as is beef, various sorts of jam and eggs.

Our farm offers ample opportunities for guest, young or old, to participate in French rural life. Those interested can help with caring for the animals, making the hay, chopping wood, gardning, bringing in the harvest from the orchard and many other activities.


There are well maintained bathroom facilities present with two toilets, two spacious showers, two sinks with thermostatic taps. In addition there are two sinks for washing pots and pans, a sink for washing clothes, and a room for drying clothes. Furthermore there is a communal refrigerator and washing machine present.

Wild camping

Besides the pitches in the orchard ‘wild camping’ is also possible with a tent or small camper. There are a number of beautiful spots on the property. These are private and remote, with splendid views. The campsite facilities may be used.